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APEC Workshop on Energy Intensity Reduction in the APEC Regions’ Urbanised Cities

Date: 23 March 2021

Organizer: Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

Speaker: To be Confirmed


Event Description:

The APEC Energy Working Group (EWG) has been encouraging APEC member economies to promote energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) in support of developing energy-smart low-carbon communities. Member economies recognised the importance of sustainable energy development and had incorporated various EE&C strategies into their economic development plans. In this connection, Hong Kong China is conducting an APEC project to analyse the EE&C policies, the deployment of EE&C technologies, practices and tools for building sectors in the APEC’s urbanised cities aim at sharing the most effective pathway to reach the energy intensity reduction goal and promoting the development of sustainable communities across the region.

Workshop Objectives
The workshop alongside the project is to provide the capacity building opportunity for the APEC member economies to appreciate and develop knowledge on EE&C policies and regulations of selected developed economies’ urbanised cities in the APEC region. The workshop supports collaboration between developed and developing economies with experience sharing and direct dialogue with a view to accelerating the APEC’s energy intensity reduction goal. The speakers and participants could share energy efficiencypolicies and experiences, initiations and implementation of energy efficiency programs, challenges and enhancement of energy efficiency policy as well as emerging technologies to support energy intensity reduction in urbanised cities at the workshop. 

This workshop will be covering the following topics:

- Global trend of RCx
- Principle, challenges and opportunities of RCx
- Roadmap for implementing Rcx in Hong Kong
- Case study of RCx for showing achievement of Rcx in Hong Kong