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What's New

RCx MoC - Second Plenary Working Meetings

Date: 24 November 2020

Organizer: EMSD

Speaker: N/A


Event Description:

Signatories of the MoC conducted the second plenary Working Meetings through online platform on 24 November 2020. 

The purpose of the second plenary meeting is to review the tasks and discuss the way forward and action plans, with focus on the following three areas under three Task Force Groups, these are: 
(i) Technical Task Force: 

  • To keep conduct RCx case studies in GBA and identify more buildings in GBA to join the pilot projects; 
  • To discuss joining the editing works of《粵港澳大灣區既有建築機電系統再調適技術導則》

(ii) Manpower Task Force: 

  • To keep organise training and development for reinforcing the expertise and skills of RCx practitioners and service providers in GBA; and 

(iii) Promotion Task Force: 

  • To share the best practices and successful experience of RCx cases in GBA through conferences, seminars, experience sharing sessions and online resources center.

Second plenary Working Meetings through online platform on 24 November 2020